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free credit report

Equifax Canada offers a FREE online credit score and report to all Canadian consumers

The Report Includes


  • A summary of the factors impacting your credit score
  • An easy to read summary of the information on your Equifax credit file
  • Access to our consumer relations agents 7 days a week during operating hours
  • Restrict access to your Equifax credit report (Quebec residents only)
  • Easily download and print your credit report from your online account

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To start the process

Click below to go directly to the FREE credit report request page in EQUIFAX.CA and follow the steps

The process consist on 4 steps:

  1. Gather all the necessary information.
  2. Creation of an account with Equifax.
  3. Verification of all the information supplied.
  4. Check out. It looks like a paid transaction, but it is not.

Figure #1

Once in Equifax.ca

Click on START ONLINE ACCESS. This will open another page.

You will be directed to my.equifax.ca/consumer-registration.

  • Fill out your name
  • Date of birth ( Important to follow the (YYYY/MM/DD) format
  • Your mobile number in 10 digits format
  • SIN number (Please fill out your SIN number. It is stated Optional but as per my experience do it anyways to avoid complications)
My Equifax step # 1

Figure #2

Fig #2 Equifax Free Credit Report and Score

Fill Up your Personal Information

Fill out all required information. Please note that your Social Insurance Number (SIN Number) is required. As per my experience, it did not let me pass with out. You can try, they might had fix the glitch already

Figure #3

Fig #2 Equifax Free Credit Report and Score

Continue with your address

Please make to select the correct answer:
Have you lived at your current address for more than 2 years?
When you respond no, it will open a new section for you to state your previous address. 

Figure #4

  • Next:   Create and verify an Equifax Account. Use your email address to verify the account. Check your spam folder if you don’t find the verification email from equifax.
  • You need to verify this account by opening your email and click on the link that Equifax will send you.
  • Your new Equifax Account will allow to comeback and check your credit at anytime. Remember that the report will update once a month for a free version.
    Once you create your equifax account, you can comeback at anytime using this link >> my.equifax.ca/login

Figure #5

Step 3
  • Verify:   The system will ask you a set of questions to verify that you are the person you say you are.
  • One of the questions could be: Do you have a chequing account with?
    It would be a multiple choice answer. such as:
    • A) CIBC
    • B) RBC
    • C) BMO
    • D) NONE

You should be able to respond according to your finances.

  • Once you answer  all of the questions, you will be taken to the next STEP 

Figure #5

Check out
  • Check out:   This section will look like you are buying the product but with a $0 dollar cost.
    Once you had cheched out, then you can access your report by a link provided where you will input your email as the user name and password as the password you had created in Step One.
  • Congratulation: You have now access to you credit report and credit score. This will refresh avery month and you can acces to your Equifax profile at any time to check, analize, print your report.
  • No Access? If for any circunstances you could not complete all the steps, you will be provided with a phone number. Don’t be afraid to call. Usually they repond between 5 minutes. Call the number. Theyt will help you sort it out the problem.

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